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SFOL39: Triple Threat 3 - How not to scum (Game over. Blue Dragon and Usurper King Win)


Disappointment levels have increased.


Mole, how did I do besides shit? :3
BTW I would have been more active this game but it was the end of the trimester and I had a shit ton of work to do.


This saved BD so much


At least you sponsored only BD


If we do this again, I will be much more active next game, I promise.


Lost 2 TT games, won 1. Guess I’ll have to try harder next time


I don’t think you could have done much tbh. Baz needed to disguise Frost as invoker and you needed to try killing him and hope he didn’t redirect you, but as he did it was irrelevant.


Read this to show respecc to Margaret


Despite the outcome, who do you think did better? Unseen or Cult?


Unseen did far better, Cult was just being derpy and lurky.




Inclined to agree. At least 2 unseen were caught due to evidence and bad decisions, as opposed to being lazy and scum read.


I tried dismissing Baz’s claim but then it all came crashing back after Alice mentioned baz’s lazy claim.
I can’t even argue against the things and was forced to watch as my fate was pretty much sealed.

Also Frosty caused my death twice already in this game mode… First I claimed Maid and then he attacked me…




I didn’t know we were bussing Tech in the first place, so it’s like “Okay? Sure?” Also, if I didn’t occupy Mido, I wouldn’t have gotten converted ;-;


That servant play could have made unseen a huge step ahead too, if they had pushed with me (who was town back then)
was convinced the speed was too slow and we should be lynching frost, until Marg came up…


I did want to try but next time im not listening to my team to make a new mm


inv me to that scum chat and i’ll rate scum chat there compared to our scum chat


The reason I didn’t heal fk is I told marg to heal fk while I healed hjasik so we could confirm one another. Instead celeste healed hjasik and said she inoc the prince when she didn’t