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SFOL39: Triple Threat 3 - How not to scum (Game over. Blue Dragon and Usurper King Win)


That was Alchemist’s wincon, i don’t mind to add it again.


The second statement is the problem.

If zero royals rand Usurper wins without posting.



Prince is a Royal, buddy.


Okay almost never to nothing

  1. Claim Usurper
  2. Do something not here
  3. Wait TIL Prince inevitably dies
  4. Profit


There is no class such as “Usurper”.


I mean pretender would have been useless if she didnt become king no one had royal blood afrer poison poisoned the gk


Prince lost his rb XD due to poison


@Moleland btw what would the court have been told if a tempaler let the court know cult converted someone


That would depend on if they wanted it or not


Ok both


Whats told on both occasions


Nothing or everything lol


So court would just be told a tempaler has sent info that the cult converted a player?




And itll say the seeker has sent info that unseen visited player?


Pretty much


I thought we could end the game right there if Geyde turned out to be Cult, but I decided I was wrong


Moley’s Base Mod comments

Oh lord. In short - this game was a disaster for scum.

Blue Dragon - The good, the bad and the lucky

Litten’s instinct’s this game were on point. I can’t fucking believe neither physician healed him immediately - and that neither physician inoculated him (or anyone in fact!) as soon as they could. Alice, in Litten’s absence, kept the town from disintegrating into a self-destructing cycle of mislynches.

BD got lucky - PKR made some solid/lucky choices for night actions and caught some key information. If he was more active, it probably would have come to light sooner. Marg exhuming Mathblade saved several mislynches - and the game most likely. @Sketch made a good call not executing Geyde and deserves credit for it.

I have no idea what Sam hoped to achieve. BD must learn not to tunnel vision with lynches. Listen to what the accused is saying and decide on it’s merits. That said, Ici deserved to be lynched and I’m surprised he wasn’t.

Unseen learn an important lesson - Don’t Bus without a goal.

@techwolves - It is unnerving being the key Scum class, but it will only get easier if you try at it. @Kai_5 I’m not gonna bash you much as you acknowledge it yourself, but wasting a night trying to kill a neutral claim that could have contracted one of you two was objectively bad. I glad PKR spotted you. You shouldn’t have claimed possessor and made sure you were lynched to give Squid a chance.

@PoisonedSquid I have sympathy how things worked out. You tried to scum - but it was risky trying for a mislynch on someone as a class that already killed someone. Right idea, bad execution. Still, at least you tried.

Busing Tech was poorly executed - It should have been Day 3, if at all, and you should have done it in such a way as to look somewhat BD doing it.

Lazy cult reap their reward

Holy shit. The Cult were a disappointment. Considering they would have AFKed night one had I not extended it was a bad sign of things to come. @MaximusPrime put in no effort this game, like TT2, but didn’t have Alice running the Cult in their absence. Why did you waste an eradicate on Marl? That was a dumb play - in keeping with a lot of decisions.

With Max removed, the Cult now led by Baz were lazy. Baz put no thought into planning a fake claim, and wasted the chance to abuse Marcus’ chrono powers for free night kills. Marcus’ death was unfortunate, but the decision to convert Shurian - someone who could be lured into attacking the wrong target if enough planning was put into it - Over Alice, the town’s best scum reader was a horrible mistake.

Coupled with lazy day play (no attempt to get mislynches), bad targets (bleeding a neutral over actual BD) resulted in a deserved loss for the Cult. Shurian was unlucky to be converted to a loss here.

Neutrals were mixed

@Marluxion got rekt for no reason. Rip

@astand I’m slightly disappointed that you open claimed, but that’s probably more an issue with the class than you. Requires some thinking I guess.

@htm you did not play well. As a lyncher, you need to make people look suspicious to encourage invests to check the people you framed. Considering there were 7 you could trick this game, you never framed a good target. You cannot just ‘hope’ a frame works - you should be making it work.

By contrast, @Captain was superb. Considering you were outted, you confused BD and disrupted their day play well - and got them to lynch Sam. Well played, sorry for the loss.

@Livicus you tried. Pushing for a mislynch is all well and good, but maybe you could have used your abilities better to find a suitable target before pushing someone? You should have diverted Frost away from Noz on your final night, but as he went to convert Sketch it didn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.


I’m sad I didnt get a ping


I’m happy with this though