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SFOL39: Triple Threat 3 - How not to scum (Game over. Blue Dragon and Usurper King Win)


you can never lose if you always surrender before that



@Firekitten claiming scum is an effective way to avoid being lynched :wink:


openwolfing is an effective way to get prince to out so you can dayvig them

too soon


You were possessor who face lifted as Mm


I think there’s a grain of rice in my throat


can we talk about how bad i was this game k thx


Literally all I did d4 onward was trying not to die.


IMO, there should be more motivations for the Pretender to scum-side. Right now they can open-claim with little impunity as long as there are no living Butlers.


I don’t see how we can do that though


Changing Usurper King’s win condition into something like: “Make sure any starting Royals won’t survive until the end of the game”, may not be the worst idea and it makes sense if you ask me.


I didn’t want you converted but then again I suck and also I hate the cult


I just threw shade on randoms, didn’t even realize that living was warlock kek


I thought redirects stop CS?


I think that is only a thing in tol tbh.


I think then you confirm other royals in the game on their flip. Otherwise they’d just win. Is there a balance?


First of all, Usurper King have to flip first.
Second, there is nothing about how many royals are in game as due to RNGesus it could be only Prince which we know he’s always in game.
Third, Royals can be converted.

It’s only a thought. /shrug


Maybe the Pretender has to kill one Royal at least to win :thinking:


I see the problem


Maybe it has to ensure Prince dies to win :thinking: