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SFOL39: Triple Threat 3 - How not to scum (Game over. Blue Dragon and Usurper King Win)


That class almost got me executed, but I told honest truth here


Since Livicus claimed not to have visited me N3, it should be clear


I mean there were literally two scum-aligned neuts but bd somehow won


I didnt know what msg knights even get >.>


I got carried!


I got thrown into a pit!


Btw we had posioned gk so no one had rb not even the pretender so she couldnt get any uses of guards?


Well duh margaret saved everyone from mislynching either of them


Ether way XD im still mad that i listened to noz


Did sketch get poisoned? No. Did he get bled, no.


What made you think I was not phys?


Your exhume targets
They werent exactly… great


He did more then scum did


Still don’t know how I became trusted


Rate My play from 1 to 10


Bussing in triple threat lol


FK My play from 1 to 10 rn


Moral of the story:

If town is doing incredibly well then Alice is probably BD or not converted
If town loses due to mod errors on day 4 Alice is the starting Devout King

Every game is a lesson!


And we all won thanks to me!


I survived I guess?