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SFOL39: Triple Threat 3 - How not to scum (Game over. Blue Dragon and Usurper King Win)


I also like how my options died when I read Maxi’s logs and astand was there with a whole backlog to everythin that happened this game and BLED BY CULT and was like shit we screwed af


Show me scum chat please


We only lost a GK for Servant poison, two Nobles who got NK’d, and a Princess who got themselves mislynched over their bad reaction tests.


Invite me there too


And ofc my bleeding was fake.


Also Noz claiming possessor wtf?


Yeah man imagine Frost and Astand being executed over it


Were you BD N1?


Wanted to die So squid would become third MM


Marcus was converted Chronomancer


No one falls for that thing twice in a game…


I jailed Geyde but ended up deciding not to kill him. He posted the most BD motivated defense I’ve ever read, so I couldn’t exe


It’s funny how this set up arguably made it easier for scum than TT 2 - Just shows how OP @Alice and @Firekitten are




Quick Question: Why didn’t you jail me instead of Geyde ?


Well >.> next time im mm im sticking to a claim i think will work not listen to noz to act scummy


What did you claim btw, i missed


To sleep peacfully at night


What about me occupying Noz?


You also debauched a knight at yourself…

But you were also told to do that.