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SFOL39: Triple Threat 3 - How not to scum (Game over. Blue Dragon and Usurper King Win)


Whether you find her or not, it doesn’t matter as she gets a convert off anyway.


And honestly all people will do is like eh okay its just hjasik lol


Also Marl never rebounded feelsbadman


Would be okay if it was n4 convert. N5 convert just screwed me over


I’m actually pretty surprised nobody tried converting or killing me the entire game, tbh.


BD were so close to imploding multiple times this game. But one person had a crucial night result or a brain and pulled it out of the fire.

Still surprised neither Ici or Geyde got killed tho


Or rather converted/MLed


I tried to mislynch geyde but i failed


But hey l lived two days with open claiming and getting someone mislynched.


What do you mean by that?


In short, BD played the opposite of how they did TT2.


Considering you were confirmed scum, you disrupted BD day play better than 80% of the rest of scum.

Scum lost in short because:-

Poor night play (Bad attack targets - or even deciding not to attack when Chrono powers give them a free Blood of Mithras kill…)
Bad Bus tactics
But most importantly - NOT PUSHING A SINGLE MISLYNCH (Except Captain. At least Livi and Squid tried in this regard. But no one else even tried.)


I wonder what mislynches I could push >_>


Also, Cult didn’t kill a single BD this game.


I wonder why


Aand we screwed/tried to screw every neutral aligned with us :^)


Tbh i was very surprised with lynches, bd never mislynched until i came ofc


It helps when Unseen Bus their MM Day 2 in a way that doesn’t give either of them Town cred.


Just… look into the cult chat
Just… wow.

Bleeding astand was by far the worst thing I’ve seen

Until they converted me


I like How Maximus outed warlock