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SFOL39: Triple Threat 3 - How not to scum (Game over. Blue Dragon and Usurper King Win)


Who attacked me n6,i was really attacked


Shurian did


They wouldnt since I was Going to peek her next night


They tried so hard to convert me and I still dont know why


I was aiming for PKR hoping Assassin was about but… heh…


Thing is, without Alice - you probably mislynch at least 2 times


I assume Shurian hit me bcs of debauch


Wouldn’t have helped if Alice chose to convert you


Even if She would have managed to get me executed instead She still would have been jail exed


I disguised myself as Assassin but man that sucks


@Moleland I am disappointed you denied Shuris disguise


So how did Marcus die?

Was he bled?


She only needed to convert you tho and she was all good. You probably would have lynched at least one paladin and Frost at some point


Chrono’d delays I suppose


In What world does alice choose to convert me


I was attacked by one scum n2, and converted by the other.

Starting Chrono


Disguise only affects night flips


Nah Frost wasn’t getting lynched because he had a confirmed debauch afterwards


You’ll be surprised how paranoid you guys were getting lol.


I think I actually got a solid with Sketch in jail, he told me to TW Alice n3