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SFoL17.5 - The Carnival - Psychopathic King wins! - Icibalus Loses\!


CW isn’t that useful tho so doesn’t matter rite


The book turned eevee from good king to psycho so they had royal blood before the event


I was pissed I got converted and then even more pissed Eevee was changed too


Orange were you scared when you actually did that thing


So was it Celeste’s fault?


No it was the last events fault


Celeste got me converted


So not only was Eevee random converted into Psycho king, but he was cured of the poison (which wasn’t some stupid mistake)



Also, I said I would post this when the game ended:


Ici don’t make me revoke DCM hosting rights

Speaking of holy shit have I been busy


Well that happened.
Hey at least Eevee can say he won as psycho king, right? @eevee


Did you kill dama?


You Know, the bastard mechanics in the form of events is fine as long as there is a class that can interact with them and tell the rest of their team what is going on :^]


marl orange has not he really did forget to send in a action eevee had killed him



I already told you

I forgot to submit an action


Orange I’m really sorry about all this and ideally I’d have it surgically removed from history!


ah, but sometimes surgeries go awry!


i mean the game was fun still


unlike enemy within


enemy within was peak wot u talking bout