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SFoL17.5 - The Carnival - Psychopathic King wins! - Icibalus Loses\!


@Icibalus would fool convert into assassin if all unseen are dead?


n1 - mm celeste and marl - compatible
n2 - mm livi and mark - prevented from visiting marl
n3 - mm frost and livi - not compatible
n4 - mm hippo and livi - not compatible
n5 - mm orange and wolfy - prevented from visiting orange
n6 - nothing :frowning:

N1: PKR - nothing
N2: PKR - prevented
N3: Celeste - visited Vulgard, visited by Vulgard
Bird says hippo left room
N4: Nuclear visited Parfait, was visited by nobody
Did not get bird result on Insanity, I assume this means they did not leave
N5: Window Peek Marluxion - BD
Did not get bird result on Marluxion
N6: ???

D1 - Nothing
D2 - Luxx died. We hung NozBugz
D3 - PKR Died. We hung Techwolves
D4 - Polik died. We hung Vulgard, Unseen were buffed in some way
D5 - Hippo, Boss, Frost and Livicus died. We hung Shurian.
D6 - Parfait died. We hung Burrito. Eevee made a deal to heal his poison.
D7 - No one died. We hung insanity.
D8 - Damafaud died. We have yet to execute anyone.


He confirmed this as yes earlier


Also; Orange peeked me as BD n5. So if I’m scum, orange has to be as well.


/Unvote for now
until we can discuss all possibilities


Yeah, that’s why I was tinfoiling scenario like that, but Orange would claim BD check on Simon to hang me in that case. Or at least I think he would.


Is this not an inconsistency?


@orangeandblack5 Was there an error in your logs you gave? Like did you forget to give us info for a night? If so, can you show us what you did n4 please?


Also… why use both the bird on me AND Window peek me?



N4 - my guard on Livi confirmed on wisp
N5 - wolfy’s ice ward confirmed by my guard
N6 - deal about poison.

The n6 (instead of day 5) is actualy important, since if we agree that I was BD king at moment of hanging assassin - the game would end. Ergo meaning that there is on killing unseen around.


So it’s simon or orange

And even if it wasn’t, we can go for the king


And since we are on that - Livi talk when dead actualy revealed one more info - I visited them and they said they died to POISON - meaning that you can cross down the killing unseen king out of the theory list.


We’re both confirmed town
We hang orange, if he flips observer, you know for a FACT I’m confirmed town.
If me or you die at night, Eevee will know it’s Simon.
If nobody dies, me and you can vote simon and we’ll still outnumber Eevee even if Eevee is evil




The ONLY way my plan fails is if BOTH Simon and Eevee are evil together
which i don’t believe is a possibility.


Shurian was assassin at n4


So, who would be better today

Orange… or Simon?


Shurian was electro
You mean Burrito was assassin as of n4?



They were electi


Orange is more sus for sure