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SFoL17.5 - The Carnival - Psychopathic King wins! - Icibalus Loses\!


@orangeandblack5 You are around during the daytime yesterday. Who’d you put your little bird on?


No I legit just didn’t submit anything


Also didn’t do that


It’s… a little frustrating, this late in the game
as i’m pretty much a fucking cit in a game full of PRs so i can’t really help at all


You are missing the fact that me or wolfy could block a convert.

It’s obviously not unseen mayority. It’s more like 1 unseen with VERY THIN posibility of 2. But this posibility makes me unwilling to rush the vote and analyse stuff.


I understand that

Although I guarantee you it’s more frustrating to have to leave each morning, drive off to a state park an hour away, spend all day there rowing, and then come back

The place we normally go flooded so we had to completely change locations


Eevee does have a solid point

But a NoLynch helps him tremendously if he’s Evil with two votes


You weren’t king n1 though (the most likely night for a successful convert)
Noz was, and he was evil.
Yes, Boss / Wolfy could have blocked the early converts. And the ONLY possibility is if the buff had something to do with conversion


Well, nobody should die if he’s evil king alone yeah?


Dama died


Orange, I’m not gonna no lynch, that for sure. 5 -> 3 give 1 misslynch if only 1 unseen left. 4 makes it only harder.


Yes but Eevee’s event thing that traded his life for another life could’ve killed dama


“All Unseen would be dead if not a buff”

It wasn’t normal nor n1 convert.


UNLESS it’s night immunity or something of the sort, and hippo bombed the last unseen


Also I’m not frustrated that you specifically forgot to send in your actions
I’m frustrated we’re in this situation that both of you supposedly did, if you’re to be trusted


Marl. You are missing one thing.

It saved my life at a COST.
If I was evil - killing a bd would be a GAIN not a COST.

Not to mention I doubt Ici would allow saving evil king from butlers poison.


You’ll notice my vote isn’t on you anyway, It’s on orange. Because i think the odds of him lying here and being the last assassin simplifies things

Also, i just thought of something


What if we don’t take it so literally? The hint, I mean
“The unseen would all be dead right now.” could mean that we’d have hung them
Maybe Ici gave wolfy some kind of new ability, and that’s how he was caught on the wisp? We should think about things like that too


Wolfy ice warded Orange when I was guarding him.

We need a timeline of actions and supposed “buffs”


Ah, right
I forgot about that
So wolfy is pretty much confirmed town still as he’d be an assassin