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SFoL17.5 - The Carnival - Psychopathic King wins! - Icibalus Loses\!


i asked what the focusing potion did, he said he couldnt tell me. i made a proposal as to what each item does, asked jokely if he could confirm that, and he said he can tell me that it’s a bastard mechanic that makes it so he can do pretty much whatever


You don’t understand
Your result here is CRITICAL for the town
If both you and orange check each other town, we know it’s 100% eevee with some bastard ability that allows him to kill
But now we have no idea who the scum is. It could be orange you or eevee and we’re in the exact same situation we were in yesterday


@Icibalus Honestly this game is near impossible to solve if the parameters aren’t clear.
You should have (and still should) make it clear exactly what buff the unseen got.
At least vague details like ‘New Ability’ ‘New Member’ ‘Extra Faction Kill’ ‘Extra Convert’ ‘Mastermind passes on’
or something
we dont need the exact details on the ability but we should be informed of what kind of buff it was at least


Here’s the only hint you get: Unseenshould be dead had they not got the buff


You don’t need the details to gamesolve. The game is still winnable fr or BD either way.


not with people forgetting to send in the checks lmao


welp i’ll take the hint, it’s better than nothing


@Simon Maid logs, please


This is going to come down to LyLo I think


Marl, you continually demanded that you should know the details rather than rimply asking. It’s a fckle bastard mechanic, what can I say?


I don’t actually think i ever demanded nor asked in my rolecard, looking back at it
only in the thread


Fickle moderror compensation :^) usually bastard mechanics are there from the get go


n1 - mm celeste and marl - compatible
n2 - mm livi and mark - prevented from visiting marl
n3 - mm frost and livi - not compatible
n4 - mm hippo and livi - not compatible
n5 - mm orange and wolfy - prevented from visiting orange
n6 - nothing :frowning:

now thats based off of all the night results in my pm but i know theres at least one more night i missed but i have no idea when that is because i dont have night results for it (at least not formal ones)


was it night immunity?
Did Hippo yolobomb one of the unseen?
Or is it really as simple as eevee would have died of poison if not for the buff?


First of all not gonna answer this question at this situation, I’m not stupid.


…A life for a life.
Did dama die to keep you alive, Eevee?


How should I know it?


Well if he did that means there were no night kills
If Orange says he got a BD check on Simon we probably have to hang you


Kinda hoping orange just swoops in and tells us Simon is unseen though


Bad news incoming