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SFoL10 Chaos (The Corrupt, The Crazed King and The Archivist Win!)


Boopy doop


My only regret is that I did careful examination too early.


My only regret was joining this game

There were seven Neutrals, including 3 NKs and a Witch, in a 20 player game. No clue how this wasn’t rerolled.

This excludes the Corrupt faction, meaning that from the start 45% of the players were not Blue Dragon. Can you imagine if PKing, Kitsune, and Corrupt had all hit BD night 1? It would be 10v7 already.

I got friendly fire vigged after making an obvious Casanova claim and a bunch of reads, none of which were really followed up on.

When one almost was, no trial actually began despite majority being reached almost 12 hours in advance, just because.

Eevee was the only player left in this game I feel comfortable saying made intelligent decisions. Meth and Mole were close, but kind of screwed each other over.

but hey at least the dead chat was hilarious

Until it filled up and auto-locked, that is.

what a game ffs


Memery aside, thanks for hosting Alfa and Ashe

I know you guys are pretty busy people (same here, I get it :P), and that was a fun setup I’d be willing to try again someday


I mean I should be saying ggez?



I personally had a great time, maybe my favorite game yet


Thanks to the hosts and the participants for the game.
This was an interesting one, but yeah the setup was a bit lopsided. A bit into it, after a few people had died and a few Neutrals had given their classes and everyone was like “what the fuck, 5 Neutrals?!” I was silently snickering to myself.
I had the classic Evil King dilemma of finding a way to let your team know without dying to them first. Maybe I should’ve sent a guard to Moleland, but I think the only night I would’ve had a chance to do so (when I knew he was scum) was the night I died.
Also, this game had my favorite night result ever. “You attempted to guard yourself, but you were occupied. Then, you were marked by a Summoner! Then, you were given a shield by a Quartermaster.”


Yeah I enjoyed it I’m not salty at all that I unfairly died N1 I mean why would I be salty I’m not salty I’m just chilling I don’t even care honest I’m not even salty I’M NOT FUCKING SALTY


You killed my hope of winning, damn it


I think the BD had almost no chance this game.
Too many neutrals and NKs.
Setup was slightly favoured for an evil to win.
Except from that, was fun I suppose


It had a chance. But only because N1 was so insanely town-favourable.


As unknown said, from day 2, bd had a huge advantage. Scum had no killing abilities until night 4


This post is hilarious BTW


What is a man to do


Also this one may be funnier


That was tres amusent too


Yeah… I was laughing when you posted that.


I forgot Psycopahic king was nootral for a second Kappa




Sorry I use your name as filler