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SFoL10 Chaos (The Corrupt, The Crazed King and The Archivist Win!)


Technically, you could work with polik to kill all the corrupt or something and still make BD lose


I could wipe all of you out and be the sole survivor (along with my pet Archivist Polik I guess)… :thinking:


But nah.
@eevee @PolikShadowbliss vote Unknown and let’s finish this bad boy.


you mean 1 conversion per NIGHT right?
An outed Source King is a dead Source king if The Great Cleansing exists.


Basically, if The Great Cleansing did not get to waste you would all have died tonight, except Methnor and the Archivist.


I simply used it too early. Which was grounded in the setup’s small amount of possible royal blood classes.


Yep and while I didn’t know at the time that I could win if I was dead, having you use waste it on me was part of my master plan. That’s why I even suggested it when I stepped up to be King at the start.




Meth was clever for that, that’s why I felt bad killing him.


(Why is a dead person talking)


If the trial starts while I’m asleep, declaring intent to instantly Decide Fate execute.


/vote Unknown


(Yeah, good point Luxx. Why is Unknown talking?)


Can I like more than once?


/vote Unknown.


/bye Unknown

(/vote Unknown)


The game should already be over. The corrupt have majority. The BD cant do anything.


Unknown was brought to trial, and immediately executed.

They were The White Agent.

The Corrupt, The Crazed King and The Archivist win!

I don’t know if I’m meant to include the spreadsheet or not, so I’ll leave that up to Alfa.


Shocker! We won!


It is a great game. Nifce.