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SFoL10 Chaos (The Corrupt, The Crazed King and The Archivist Win!)


The night phase affected whether Polik won or not. I could have trolled revived Hip/Orange/Wolfy.

Once Meth was revived, there was no need for this day


Just vote anyway, I’ll DF as soon as trial starts and that should seal the deal.


I did


You flipping have Majority.
Just end it now, please Meth!
No more time wasting.
No more reviving.
Just end it all




You sure? I don’t think you did

PKR, what do you want me to do about it exactly? I already said what I was going to do I need majority for Decide Fate


I’m not salty.
I already admitted I made mistakes.
So it’s not unnatural that I messed up this game.
Therefore I accepted that.

The only reason I’ve got annoyed is that this should’ve been ended earlier.
It’s BS that it’s been continued.
To call me salty Mole, is an insult and I expect better from you


Okay that seems a bit harsh lol


I already parked my vote on Unknown, the only other person that did is Noz. Need eevee, Mole and Polik to also vote.


Huh, I swear I did…

/Vote Unknown


It doesn’t matter, does it?!
If Corrupt have Majority of people alive, Meth, then what’s the point of this?
Do you guys choose to vote or kill Polik?
If the answer is no, this ends or at least should in all logical sense


/vote Unkown

that’s majority I think


Now you know how I felt in FOL 6 when you blocked Rogue instead of Wolfy. Sounds familiar…


Again, I’m not sure what you want me to do about it. I’m not on the FoL team and I’m not a host of this game, I’m only a participant and I’m doing the best I can to finish this ASAP just like everybody else. The whole nolynch thing was a joke - I voted Unknown right after. And like I said, the reason I didn’t use Royal Finger is to save more time by using Decide Fate.


This game had officially ended at day start.
It pretty much had at night start.
Ashe doesn’t understand what endgaming is or at least didn’t not use it this game.
So I wanted you to endgame yourself.
There was no need for these votes or any need for anything else, literally today.
You might not be a part of the FoL team, but this is rediculous, no offence.


You wanted me to endgame? I’m not going to presume to do that, sorry. Just like I wouldn’t want anybody else to presume to do such a thing in any game I hosted. This may have been a minor host error (didn’t affect the outcome, only delayed the game end by a little bit) but it’s not worth getting this upset over. I know it’s annoying but in the grand scheme of things it’s not a gigantic deal.


I’m sorry Meth for my reactions.
It’s just that, if this game ends, a new one will start.
I wanted to be able to get into playing ASAP instead of a pointless delay
I very much enjoy FoL, so playing as much of it as possible is logical to me, is it not?


Besides I think if I really wanted to I could technically swing the game for BD if I felt like gamethrowing and if Polik also voted with me. I’m obviously not going to do that but this technically might not be an endgame scenario.
Or maybe it is and Ashe missed it. Again, not a gigantic deal, this ends as soon as trial starts.


Constant rhetorical questioning comes across as rather passive aggressive though, does it not?


Things may come across in a certain way.
But with context it can be interpreted correctly.
There was no hate behind what I said.
But only frustration because I prefer when it can be sped along.

As I do enjoy this as a forum game, I love helping others and having fun too in general.
Which I’m sure that you all do realise in retrospect.