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SFoL10 Chaos (The Corrupt, The Crazed King and The Archivist Win!)


I’m fine with this. Let’s nolynch!


/vote no lynch


Can’t revive Source or Corruptor


You cant revive
Revive has only 2 uses and you used them all.


You all hear a ghostly, faint whisper; Goddamit no source reviveeeeeeeeee~

(And I’m out again lol)


/vote Unknown


Why don’t people click my video



Someone get the traitor on trial


Can you guys hang Unkown already so we can all start the next SFoL in the massive waiting list or are you gonna waste everyone’s time just to piss off PKR?


The Source revived 2 times.
The Source revive has only 2 uses.
What are you waiting for?


BTW: I have got tons of info now on what to tweak for The Corrupt as faction. Might change things soon.


same goes for the Archivist.


The only reason I’m not doublevoting is so I can use Decide Fate to save even more time
I’m helping!


/vote The Unknown Guy (Aka Unknown)


The game should already be over

This is a farce


I do fully agree.
This is complete BS.
We shouldn’t have gone to night.
Meth shouldn’t have been able to be revived

We shouldn’t have been delayed by you at all Ashe.
Do you not know what end gaming is?
Please, learn that, thanks.


If it helps speed things up I’m fully announcing my intention as a de-facto Evil King to side with the Corrupt and vote up any remaining BD ASAP


Game should have ended upon day start


Tweaks I feel Corrupt needs:

  1. Corruptor kill cooldown is too long (Should be 1 day, not 2)
  2. Source King is OP - change it to only on Conversion/day


Game shouldn’t have gone to night anyway and that’s a fact Mole, isn’t it?
As you had majority yesterday.
You, Noz and Eevee v 2 BD (1 was voted up) v 1 Neut.
I was killed so 3 v 1 v 1 = Majority hit = No night.