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SFoL10 Chaos (The Corrupt, The Crazed King and The Archivist Win!)


I dont have Cleansing. If I would, then the Corrupt would be doomed if they execute you(because then I could target Moleland and all Corrupt would die)


They used it on Meth, if you remember





If I die I at least die as a BD instead of a corrupt greedy herald.


I never thought I was that noble :stuck_out_tongue:


ACTUALLY POLIK,pardon you either need to survive or post your archive right?I mean the BD is pretty much deprived of it’s ability to kill other then executions so help BD and we will let you survive so pardon this and then well vote Mole.


Not enough votes.


No this cannot be happening.


I SHOULD HAVE KILLED EEVEE INSTEAD OF JAMMY.Well at least I am more noble then insanity who gave up to become a corrupted greedy BD killer.


Oh no, they brainwash me into their puppet.


You gave into their greed and now your one of them you traitor.


PokemonKidRyan has been executed! They were The Artist.

It’s time for night to begin again!

closed #3310


It’s morning, and Strangle’s body is found! They were The Herald.

They left a journal:

I am the most noble out of each and every BD out there I will accept death but not corruption of my mind and soul anyways fare thee priest and the corrupt I can finally go in peace and rest over there.

Methnor was revived! Long live the King (again)!

opened #3312



Hope this cure our cancer.




Lul. Why not Luxx for 2 sources :^)


Hey, lets wait till day 14 so we can revive Rouge and let them win with us.