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SFoL10 Chaos (The Corrupt, The Crazed King and The Archivist Win!)


Not possible.
Logically speaking there was a 0 chance of that.

@Queen_Alfa they have majority.
Shouldn’t this just be ended?
No more reviving. No more executions needed


@PolikShadowbliss can still win or lose, game continues

Also from @orangeandblack5


Polik can lose, but you’d not just kill them for nothing.
Submit your action now.
What night action will you do?
Killing Polik?
If not, you have majority and game would end.

You choose, do you kill Polik or not?
Don’t delay game just to give Meth the win, that’s lame.
Or why else would you be killing me if not to end the game?
If you want everyone to win, you can just revive and convert, then convert everyone else.
So clearly you don’t want to do that.
Even you should be able to admit that Moley.
Right @Moleland, I’m not mistaken here.


Meth apparently wins if dead, so I could revive wolf for lulz. Also dead chat got full and is locked, lol



Who knew that you could fill up the dead chat?

Looks like Ashe’s spell backfired :stuck_out_tongue:


Also can we talk for a second about how the system is a weaboo


Alright there’s a new one I’m going back to the graveyard


This logic is flawed in the sense that we are voting you up.
Killing me will be a waste of an action.

There is no point killing a Neutral.

Besides the world is collasping considering the dead are now talking.


@PolikShadowbliss don’t you need to be killed to win tbh?

I mean… you need to publish archive and you publish it on death?


Maybe. Maybe not.

Being killed to win is odd.


Do you still have careful examination?




Yea, you publish it after examination.

Not sure where tf you got that I am the mimic when I said like day 3 that I’m redeemed, but oh well.



Does archivist wincon means he needs to survive OR needs to publish correct archive?
That survive part is confusing there.


They only need to either survive OR publish the archive.


Okay good.


So game over, might as well endgame now.
No more delaying.


Nooo, you have to spend a few days in dead chat with allll your friends :slight_smile:



Just maybe.
White agent has the great cleansing left!


If they do, then game shouldn’t end, maybe.
Although BD still wouldn’t be able to win, right?

If they don’t, then game should end, as no delays just to give 1 person the win.
That’s not cool :expressionless:
That’s like waiting a day when you have majority to see if Prince executes someone you need alive.

Even then, it’s further illogical that you’d kill me instead of WA.
WA can stop you, I can’t, can I?
So, why delay everyone? Makes no sense.