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SFoL10 Chaos (The Corrupt, The Crazed King and The Archivist Win!)


Then Source is dead you dunkoff


Hmm. sacrificing your own to activate an ability?


/vote Moleland.


oh wait, nvm.

Let just say…

Stall this night.



/vote PKR


why would you want that?


Forgot mole is source.


We need to vote PKR up guys. VOTE HIM UP


we will.


Polik look we just vote mole up and then vote eevee the corruptor you get your win if that’s not enough we lynch insanity doesn’t that sound pretty good?


/vote pkr


Chillax, you will died next.


PokemonKidRyan is now on trial.


/Vote execute


You guys should’ve let Wolfy live a bit longer BD.
I tried to keep him alive for as long as we could.
But you quick killed him :expressionless:

Yes, I made mistakes.
But I didn’t make all of them!
So, I cannot be sole blamed for this.
I did the best I could considering things.


Well Wolfy could have been a treat which could have killed us within three days. Which even the corrupt themselves fear.


We could’ve waited until closer to the 3 days.
Couldn’t we?
We had to fight against them quicker than we did.
Also, this is end of game anyway.
BD cannot win.
So, I’d like to request game is ended now.
It’s pointless to go into night.


Well Insanity is gonna kill me but I guess we did our best as BD it’s just me you and unknown.



BD, vote pardon. Just in case…


Wolf could have been corrupt tho