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SFoL10 Chaos (The Corrupt, The Crazed King and The Archivist Win!)


As in you guys lynched me win.




Well @Pokemonkidryan, maybe if I outline our crimes from the beginning, I can show you how this game was lost.

It all started when the classes were given. ‘Corrupter’ it read. What is that I thought? After reading through the faction and my own abilities. I made the choice. I’ll convert the king to my side! To my delight, they were a Psycho-king - @NuclearBurrito

After making our kill choices, the night passed and disaster struck! My only known ally was dead, killed by @Hippolytus who, thanks to @Strangle died too. Also, a Witch had lit a fuse. This was not good. Without the ability to kill, and no one to co-ordinate with, what chance did I have with such a funky classlist? Wolfy the witch was killed, which wasn’t great for me to be honest, and so night time began.

Act 2
However, my luck was about to change! @Braixen foolishly killed @orangeandblack5, removing one of the Leaders from the game, and putting themselves on suicide watch. Based on claims so far and observations, I was pretty sure either Luxx or a certain someone was the Source. If they died, I lose. @Eevee was doing a great job to rally the BD into lynching the Source but - somehow - time elapsed and there was no trial…

Next day, I converted @eevee, depriving the BD of their leader. @Luxx had been busy, and had reanimated @Hippolytus as a distraction. I tried to save him, as the KPN were useful, but I failed. Hip was killed once again. I was also not able to convince anyone with my claim, thanks to Polik, and so a certain someone was left with instructions to occupy me - and night began.

Act 3
And yet, I was not occupied. After being buried under a pile of Eevee shaped salt, I went to kill @Methnor - unaware he was on my side - as a last ditch effort. With Meth dead, Luxx made the choice to become source king. Having been tricked by Meth to use his powers on him, @Unknown couldn’t do much to stop it. Then came the fortune we needed to win. A certain someone insisted on killing the relatively harmless Rogue instead of the real threat - The Soruce King. This allowed us to Convert and get a kill that night. The game was won!

Act 4
But something went wrong. Noz didn’t read his night results and voted for Luxx. No matter. I replaced the source, and so Eevee could convert Insanity. Victory was assured. And the person that allowed these events to take place…

Was you! @Pokemonkidryan!


You are making me want V3 to download faster Mole, AND FUCK THE CLOSIGN AGRUEMENT. FUCK IT


Closing argument is cool - just don’t be shit at it lol

from @orangeandblack5


boi indeed


lynching rogue was kind of stupid.

rogue was the summoner and actually would have helped.

Considering his targets were Corrupt.


When you are stuck on it in Chapter 6 in the first game Feelsbadman


When you haven’t even played the game but moleand is spoiling the music


How… it’s pretty simple. Did you not read the hints?


Tbf I took a 3 day break from it and forgot all the hints


Spoil anything and you die :wink:

Also how close is DR to Ace Attorney?




Not radically different.


A Character you like will die :slight_smile:


… I fucking hate you



I hate them all


Can I spoil one thing? I mean it’s pretty obvious from the first game imo


Even the character you play as?


Yeah fuck Naegi