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SFoL10 Chaos (The Corrupt, The Crazed King and The Archivist Win!)


The corrupter can convert during the day.
He can increase his numbers by just doing one ability.


Ohh @Insanity , our lovely convert!


Just let them do it then Polik.
Force them into giving someone else a win.
You don’t lose by doing this.
Only someone else wins.


so right now it’s five corrupt vs. two blue dragon. vs me.

Even if I vote. That will only be three votes at best. not enough to stop five corrupt.


insanity is now against you.


They might be lying!
Don’t trust their deceit!
Force them to wait the day!


I will see with Insanity’s post.




You are really overdoing the whole evil thing.


We’ll let Insanity post.
If he is corrupted game is over anyway.
So no need to vote me anyway Polik.


that’s why I unvoted.


Fine. I’ll be normal :stuck_out_tongue:


Tbh When has Bd won Sfol? Xo


SFoL 11




Magical Girls won SFoL 11.
Thanks Polik <3


Shoots himself.

That was not an offical win.


Nuh uh! It counts!


Unfortunately I saw no indication that it didn’t count



okay. it counts.

but it was hardly an actual win.