[SFoL] SFoL 56: Grand Idea V2 - Signups (18/16+)

Grand Idea V2 Signup thread

Hosted by @SirDerpsAlot and @Marshal .

This setup follows simple forum rules

  1. https://toli.es/rules
  2. Official Forum Mafia and Forum of Lies Rules

The setup will start Day 3 of uPick. Backups and spectators are appreciated.


Days will be 48 hours long, or shorter if someone is lynched.
Nights will be 24 hours long or until everyone has submitted their actions.
All classes will be rolled from the Grand Idea V2 thread
Game balance will be considered when rolling classes, to attempt to still make the game enjoyable
Wincons will be standardized
If you have any suggestions or something you would like to see, feel free to ask.


To accuse someone say “ /accuse [player] ” or “ /vote [player]
Executions end the day.
Executions will be majority + plurality.

After The Night

Only investigative abilities will return feedback unless the class says otherwise. It will either be a result , ‘‘for whatever reason, you could not investigate your target’, or ‘you were redirected to a different target they are [invest result]’ (no name)

To Join

To join, please ‘ /in

Role List

SFoL Grand Idea Class Thread V2 Forum of Lies

Rules: Every post here must contain a class. It could be an existing one or something new. If the class is an existing FoL class, the name is simply enough to qualify it. If it is a class that is already in this thread, put down the name hyperlinked to the post in this thread that includes its class card. Otherwise you must make the entire class card. Classes must adhere to this format. (Although for Blue Dragon classes, the objective can instead read “ Your objective is to defeat the scum fact…


  1. Squid
  2. Soul
  3. Issac
  4. wazz
  5. Italy
  6. Jgoes
  7. Katze
  8. Jake
  9. Tele
  10. Priestess
  11. Kyo
  12. Vul
  13. Arete
  14. Boss
  15. Luxy
  16. Insanity
  17. Maxwell
  18. Geyde


  1. DatBird
  2. Astand
  3. Sulit
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/spectate may change depending on work load changes but atm to much on my plate




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is this in

I get to use big boy text

I can edit ur name out as fast as I put it In <:(


I’ll probably in if you don’t find enough players.

Is that an In?


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/yes please

you all have permission to kill waz n1

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what the frick

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Why do we need permission for that?

(I wasn’t planning on doing it, don’t worry Wazza.)

ill give everyone a dayvig that can only we used on wazz

/in entirely because I just remembered that vulgard made a “The Italy” in the Grand Idea.

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If you get the class 100% not host bias :upside_down_face:

Also, you guys should make some more classes you wanna see for the game :wink: