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[SFoL] SFoL 46 - Chaos 2 - Canned




Wait I thought director was BD




neut that needs to kill 3 people that is also checked by sheriff as unseen


Whoever came up with the idea of making a pardon counter wagon is making a terrible decision. If anyone wants to explain it more in detail, go ahead, but I don’t think I can be swayed from this


If he used that ability he just wont get exed at 8/8 since Marcus would be voting pardon


I thought Aaron or meteoro would just PM me saying “oy, u have to pardon noob” if he was actually a director that did that.


no they would just switch ur vote to pardon

Fate Voters Count
Execute Geyde,Maxwell,Marcus, Isaac, Hjasik, Squid 6/8
Pardon Frost 1/8


Uhm what m8

Thats blasphemous.

Revoke that statement or you are public enemy #1


I trust the insight of the council here.


Fate Voters Count
Execute Geyde,Maxwell,Marcus, Isaac, Hjasik, Squid, Possessed 7/8
Pardon Frost 1/8


that was fast


just hammer, frost.


Well, I consider this court adjourned


-Phoenix Wright Judge’s grovel slamming-


he’s dead anyway.


Stop talking. Day 2 is over.


Gamerpoke was kicking and screaming, shouting “I don’t wanna die! I’m innocent, tell them Bestie, tell them!” But. WazzaAzza didn’t listen and placed Gamerpoke onto the chopping block saying “Goodbye Bestie, maybe in the next life you will actually be a good guy.” As Gamerpoke was about to die, he said “You’ll all regret this! Power to the Unseen! Power to the Unseen!” And just like that, Gamerpoke, was killed.

Gamerpoke was executed, he was:

The Alcoholic

Unseen Offensive
Royal Blood (Passive) - Votes to become king count as two for you.
I am the Liquor (Passive) - Immune to occupation and target changing.
Debauchery (Night) - Force a player to target a second of your choice. (you won’t be immune to attacks or conversion if you force them to target you) - Infinite use
Happy Hour (Night) - Occupy a player, and disable any death or occupy immunity they have for the night. - 2 uses
Your objective is to defeat the Blue Dragon and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

We could not find any logs

Night 2 begins and will end 2019-04-16T19:30:00Z

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