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[SFoL] SFoL 46 - Chaos 2 - Canned


@Margaret confirm this?


people I made a mod-error but I have fixed it.


it only effected 1 player’s feedback since METEORO forgot to send it out.


Time to angleshoot


That player was me

I got you were killed last night


If it effects feedback that means there has to be another confirmed invest in game


By Meteoro.


Yes meteoro told me that I was killed last night


Oh you are dead? Rip you




Press respect to pay F


Okay, that goes a bit too far.


It was probaby soul, also Wazza said “your ability backfired” so do I pardon myself?


Force someone Who hasnt voted pardon on you to vote pardon


Force me.


I want to exe you so badly. I would never pardon you on purpose.


I forced Marcus because he said he wanted to confirm me and it “backfired”


Wait for Soul to confirm me


Well I’m fine with prolonging this day.


@WazzaAzza, can we get a pardon/exe votecount