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[SFoL] SFoL 46 - Chaos 2 - Canned


Well if I know you used forced vote, I would notice so nvm


Gamer Use force vote someone to pardon And We will get pardon to 7/8


Hmm yes I see.



He might not use it on trial based on himself but can do on second trial.

The follow-up though

Fate Voters Count
Execute Geyde,Maxwell 2/8
Pardon Hja,Frost 2/8
Non-Voters Isaac, Margaret, Priestess, Possessed, Arete, cupcakeaj2, Squid, Soul, Boss, Marcus 10


Tf why are you pardoning?


Reasoning on this, please.


Because he can confirm himself if he is town


He can do that now


Like can you read What I’ve said


I dont know if that will be seen


It works just as fine because we can also counter a potential quickhammer pardon
So either Gamer uses it now or we exe


Only non-BD will quickhammer pardon here


Thats like auto out


Unless youre marg or hjasik


Thats Why I voted pardon before : )


Then we would be playing around Marg


I told her not to Hammer in our neighborhood


I like my hammer


I am actually mason with margaret