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[SFoL] SFoL 46 - Chaos 2 - Canned


Some people either have memory of goldfish or decide to ignore on purpose


Yes just like merc did in dustpan ashe told me that I shouldnt be buying that but no I didnt listen to that but I wont make same mistake again


Towniers at the end of a post


Thing was that you don’t cross apply reads here.
Soul is not only genuinely frustrated but they haven’t acted like their scum game.


Why would you say this again?


No it wasnt
I am openly scumreading you Thats not shade


They havent acted like their towngame

I thought that too about merc And didnt listen to ashe What did i get?

Accused Voters Count
Poke Marcus, Priestess, Hjasik, Maxwell,Margaret, Arete 6/8
Hjasik Boss 1/8


Are there trials


There is exactly no sign that Soul is scum, yet. This all is part of his typical town play.


Can you Link me his town game


Also, I read FoL 19.5 and he is acting different there


I don’t think there’s trials here tbh


Do you have decide fate ability?


Since there is many confusion,trials DO exist


“there is many confusion”

Why does this remind me of

“all your base are belong to us”


What do you think about Soul


I have been busy and thus have missed several hundred posts.
I’ll have to go back and analyze.


What I do know is that in recent past soul scum games of mine, he has been unthinkably bad.


I do