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[SFoL] SFoL 46 - Chaos 2 - Canned


Have they posted content since then




it’s 3:50pm.


He played differently from What He does here from What I remember


Good morning

Vote count

Accused Voters Count
Poke Marcus, Priestess, Hjasik, Maxwell,Margaret arete 6/8
Hjasik Boss 1/8


They find your reads shit.
That’s content, and they’ve shown frustration with how you are pushing them off the most micro of things. And they aren’t trying to counterwagon you for it either.


What do you think



And you buy into basic AtE
Like I did in dustpan


It does seem liks “Throwing shade” for the sake of throwing shade


If you look up it’s obviously a

“Got ya now your sus” post


It’s genuine AtE


No I am Openly scumreading you Thats not shading


No Its not


Isn’t that post you make shade throwing too?


That’s not when I called you out on it


Morning is when you wake up.


Shade throwing the shade post


You called me scumreading you shading?
Yes I just said that Its not true


Look how often they point out


Based on when I said it was a shade post.

Your impplying I just said it to you now