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[SFoL] SFoL 46 - Chaos 2 - Canned


Now youre lolcatting


Why are we scumreading soul here


Just compare this game with his scum game


This is stressing me out lol not going to post for a while

Make actual reads before I blow my brains out.


It’s funny how you are now posting sarcasm message 4 time in a row


/vote GamerPoke


Wolfy post

That was explained already if you dont agree you would adress those points instead


This is completely town Soul


Because they are town despite any points brought up.


I’m bassically being scum red because I put towniers at the end of a post and I got annoyed with how stupid of a idea that is to scum read someone on


The you would adress those points instead of asking Why is he being scumread



Compare that to here.
Can you make a single connection from that to their play here


Take away this point bullshit
Can you honestly say they are acting like their scum game


Apologies for being asleep


He didnt play that game but this doesnt like town soul at all that was in mafia society game I playef with him


Good morning you too ^^




Geyde, Soul has been basically posting only fluff post and he will most likely continue it If I didn’t point out that post


Exactly What you dont understand in that I said My 2 points clearly


Have you forgotten how he played revived Drunk last game?