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[SFoL] SFoL 46 - Chaos 2 - Canned


I thought shade was part of your soul


How is that shade throwing?


I’m being agressive because your throwing shade and making stupid reads, if you are saying all that over me saying towniers at the end of a sentence.

It’s really mindblowing how you think someone is scummy for saying that tbh.

It’s annoying that I have ti explain how saying towniers at the end of a setence is not remotely scummy in any way


Because it is, it’s a petty comment and not a read with any backing to it




Pls what? I had a point.

It was based off something yours had no point.


You mean Gamerpoke is the one redchecked and probably doesn’t mean anything for what he did.

But what makes me in that scenario?


What makes you what?


Its scummy because it doesnt hold anything relevant to thread discussion And is What scum do when they try to fake activity


It’s scummy because I was saying good morning to tell people I just got to the thread okay.


Nice gonna have boss and hjasik circle jerk me all game.


I wouldn’t care at all if you simply say “Good morning” without adding that unnecessary message, also for you to choose “townier” out of all word which is like saying “hey guy I am town lol”


Yeah because adding towniers to the end of a sentence is scummy


Stop jerking each other


I wont make nsfw joke
I wont make nsfw joke
I wont make nsfw joke




Yrah it tottally is


Your so right.


I was so wrong sorry I must be scum vote me up with your high Iq


It’s so obvious guys I said towniers at the end of a sentence that means I’m so scummy