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[SFoL] SFoL 46 - Chaos 2 - Canned


So youre gamerpokes scummate


Guaranteed hard counter so unless CC’d it’s pretty much guaranteed to be legit


How is it case with you shouldnt it be soul since he would confirm redirect


Are you on some fucking hardcore weed?


Surely you jest, are you taking serious I said that?


It clearly wasn’t a joke


I wasn’t debbed from what I know, like i said I’m not a invest class so I can’t confirm it either way


Who know? Also that’s not a good enough explanation as to why did you feel the need to add “towniers” to such post


Soul What do you think about frostwolf


What do you think about soul


Because I can your seriously wasting my time


Want to say about your read on frostwolf?


Are you 2 scummates


I don’t have a read in him lol


Thats not How you should distance


All I know is frost might of been red checked or something smh


Did you add it because you rolled scum and need a way to make you think you are town


Not much, I am afraid. Guess he is not onto D1 spam train as I do.


Yeah not trying to

Stop throwing shade for the sake of throwing shade


Also, that’s really aggressive reaction for such a simple question