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SFoL: RotBD Rework (By an idiot who makes unbalanced gamemodes)


I dislike all the sequels were having. The first RotBD was alright but does not merit a whole franchise. I prefer brand new FM’s and sfols.


I disagree, people should be able to host whatever they are interested in within the 2 SFOL cap. If you don’t like the idea you don’t have to join.


Or make an SFOL that interest you and dictate your own terms on that game.


Except they clog up the SFoL Queue which affects everyone.


I’ve played in both the first 2 and they were alright but we shouldn’t get obsessed with making loads of sequels of gamemodes unless they are fantastically amazing which RotBD clearly is not.


You sound like a disgruntled movie fan


The new star wars was shit okay


there i said it


I was okay with the new Star Wars, but I hate the Casino Arc like everyone else


Episode 8 was unfitting to the franchise

But yes the casino arc was easily the worst part. It’s just like FILLER? WE NEED IT OKAY. MAKE SOME ASIAN GIRL GO TO A CASINO WITH A BLACK DUDE AND THEN ITS DONE.

Also the kiss at the end was forced like my ass


True, but at least Kylo Ren is badass


Don’t you mean Ben Swolo?


Mom says it’s my turn on the Xbox


Shouldn’t these two be switched


I’m using Marl’s names now.

Righteous for BD
Sinister for Unseen


This class does not have a win goal lmao.


I mean. wingoal is obvious


It’s obviously intended to defeat the unseen or cult and any neutrals that seek to do them harm


@Pug herbalist isn’t immune to poison is that the intention?


Imo I wouldn’t look forward to play alchemist. Basically it means survive at least 4 nights to use the potion. Try to heal someone who will get attacked or predict someone will die. It seems more chance based than skill based with predicting whether someone will die so I vote to change the alchemist and or it’s win condition