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SFoL: RotBD Rework (By an idiot who makes unbalanced gamemodes)


NK can hide from observers now?


More than 2 in 5 games?


Idk the exact number but most of my games a evil was executed D2


But yes

NK is hard :frowning:


Cory in the House


I like pizza


Also im not joining FoL 15.

Its hosting or nothing for me


Why not tho :frowning:


14 was terrible for me okay


pats pug

It’s okay


Why did this message ping me


idea: instead of reworking old sfols less than a month after they run, make new sfols :thinking:


Unless its utter shit COUGH XED COUGH


I think this SFoL is a really good concept. It just needs some more balancing.


Even if it’s utter shit


What should the Kings be called?

  • Unseen Evil, BD Good
  • Rose King and Dragon King
  • Unseen Good, BD Evil
  • Unseen King, BD King
  • Other (comment)

0 voters


Tbh id probs change it to Rose King and Dragon King in FoL because it sounds cooler. And devout is a cool name for Cult’s king


Evil King is bd kang based on RotBDII


Tbf. Im probably going to be using

Righteous King for BD
Sinister King for Unseen

Thx Marl for giving these names.


I like these the best