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SFoL Infection Class Cards



You make a neut now :smiley:


I’ll add pretender and change fool


What about a neutral who has to spread evil around (aka something that basically occupies the target for the night, maybe throw in more bad effects) and once he infected everyone he then deploys the following effect on everyone for the night, by using his one use ability

All players can’t be protected from death, (aka if you are targeted by a kill nothing can save you, even death immunity)
Occupies everyone who isn’t a Killing role?

Then he dies and wins


@Firekitten infection 2 will be reviewed soon, can you look over this?




Reeeeeee k hold on I’m busy

In a sec I will


I didn’t forgot let me do it while I can rn


That alch there was so happy about this, Maybe make it make them immune to occupation as well?


Why is a confirmable class a Miller. Move it to somewhere else who isn’t confirmable


Why would you try checking a Royal twice just to learn their class type. There aren’t starting evil royals make them learn it if they checked someone with royal blood right away


But then it’s the same as pretender


I’d prefer to make diplomat less confirmable


But it’s confirmable, that doesn’t make it less confirmable tbh


No like change the abilities


It’s like making mayor show up as mafia

that shiny sun


Making social classes less confirmable

Man, good luck to ya.


@Firekitten can you look over this now?

You too @MathBlade


Give me a hour and 30 mins and if I don’t start working on this ping me till I do


Thanks Deep Cat :smiley:


Make them die in one night