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SFoL Infection Class Cards


Add more noots :wink:



Pretender? Inquisitor?


I challenge thee to make a different inquisitor and pretender type class


I’ll make you a deal. You make a neutral class and I will


What about an Inquisitor type class which to win has to ‘cleanse’ their 3 heathens. Basically he must invest and then give a buff to each heathen or something


@Firekitten should I change fool in this to the new ToL fool?


The Pretender

Neutral Investigative
Royal Blood (Passive) - You can step up to become the new regent earlier than others.
No Allegiance (Passive) - You are immune to death at night.
Ballot Mixing (Day) - If the King uses Decide Fate today, you will swap the decision. [2 Uses]
Assassination (Day) - Target a player, they will begin to bleed. If they have royal blood you will gain another use of Kinslayer. [3 Uses]
Family Matters (Night) - Determine whether a player has royal blood. You will also receive a clue to their class type, the same as princess. [Infinite Uses]
Kinslayer (Night) - If target player has royal blood you will attack them. You can also target the king with this. [2 Uses]
Goal: Make sure the game ends with no starting royals alive, other than yourself, or become the Regent and survive until the end of the game.


The Usurper Regent

Neutral Special
Pass The Torch (Passive) - If you die, there will be a vote held to crown the next Regent.
Head of State (Passive) - Your vote counts as two.
Royal Pardon (Day) - Make a player unable to be voted today. [2 Uses]
Decide Fate (Day) - You may choose the whether the player on trial will be executed or pardoned. [1 Use]
Guard? (Night) - Prevent all visits to you tonight. [1 Use]
Disinherit (Night) - Permanently remove a player’s royal blood. If this is successful, you will gain two uses of Guard?. [Infinite Uses]
Goal: Survive.

Credit to @Moleland


@Firekitten stop liking things and give feedback :angry:


Give me new fool :slight_smile:


Pretender good?


How will ballot work? Like most kings do it in public


But pretty good


If they pardon, it exes and vice versa


The Pretender

Better colour @Firekitten?


eww the other one was better


Also it’s gonna be a rule DF needs to be in class card


That one is literally royal purple


Mhm but it’s brighter :smiley: