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SFoL Infection Class Cards


4$ to vote up someone

Oh it’s a knight claim on king. LUL
clicks execute button

Your steam account will be charged 3 dollars to get the 1-Use Execute item. Proceed?
fine, just let me play
clicks proceed

Night 5: you have been jailed

Pronce: Class please

Hello, im Phy
clicks enter
You will need to pay 4 dollars to buy the Speak to Prince add-on. Proceed?
Im gonna lose that 100$ dollar steam gift card due to this game
clicks Proceed

Day 5:
You will need 20$ to get out of Jail. Proceed?
clicks proceed
You have insufficient balance. Due to this, you will be stuck in jail for the remainder of the game until you can buy the Get outta jail Add-on
Fricking Rages


I approve this model of business. :face_with_monocle:


Colors or riot, please.


Xed and Golden Dragon are sequels, this is a DLC.


You know what, I’ll add the colors myself.


bad nerbins wait for luxy.




What about Prequel?


Golden Dragon prequel, Xed sequel, this is DLC.


How is Golden Dragon a prequel? I believe it happened after the story of Blue Dragon. :thinking:

Psycho even mentioned it in his favor posts.


Both Xed and GD are sequels.


This is a really important discussion tbh


Parallel Universe will happen someday…


We will have our FoL Cinematic Universe.


This needs to happen, however the cons are people focus on 2 instead of 1 games


I actually know how it would work, but don’t expect it would happen anytime in close future.


You have to host it if you figured it out





The Bailiff and The Sentinel removed.
The Governor and it’s infected counterpart have been buffed. It now has the ability to find exact class types, and can protect from conversion more. The infected governor now can find exact classes.
The Infected Chronomancer has been buffed. It now has the Rewind passive from ToL and it’s secondary night ability is stronger.
The Patron has been buffed. It can now prevent someone from being occupied or redirected provided they use their main ability.
The Demon added.
The Possessor has been added.
The Lich has been changed to the same as FoL.
The Mind Flayer has been nerfed. The Mindstorm passive now empowers his attack instead of being a seperate attack. He can no longer redirect or make the king suicide.
The Warlock has been buffed. Now oneshot night immune.
Colours for Neutrals added @Nerbins

  • Keep Armourer
  • Remove Armourer
  • Rework Armourer (Leave a Comment)

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