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SFoL Infection Class Cards


/ s i g n


It’s legit a good fake claim and there’s zero reason to make it unique


Unique in the sense it needs to have its own niche


everyone would know it’s from a fool / scorned then

Mystic is only a whisper now


Oh, give it another day ability?


Wdym? My mystic sends a message to the whole court


Like what


Maybe a day ability that allows it to create armor and give that armor to someone all in the same night


So buff its night ability?


No give it a day ability that allows it to buff their night ability


Yeah that’s what i meant


yeah, RN it’s still super weak


Also just realised fool still says unseen or cult :thinking:


Maybe give a one shot vig?


what about instead of only giving one person death immunity, he can give as many people death immunity as he has armor, encouraging him to save up his armor (obviously don’t make this a day Ability update the night)


no protective is the way to go with this


That’s a good idea


Then like a one use day ability earn two armor tonight


Will edit when I get home. Thanks firekitten!


Bounty is garbage now :smirk: