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SFoL Infection Class Cards


Maximus is on the case



I’ll try to work on ToG after I study enough for calc




but in exchange

gimme more feedback for echoes


Will do! :slight_smile:


Ayyy guys SFoL 39 incoming


yeah sure , why not lol


I take back everything


Can’t you just make this silent so its claimable?


Why would you want to prevent the evils and then bleed the good


No it bleeds the evils who are prevented

Bad wording


but if you were prevented you didn’t visit


Also don armor is super weak make it notificationless


I wasn’t planning on making armourer claimable because its unique


it’s super weak though :thinking:


Ok what should I add?


make it not unique and not confirmable? It’s a perfectly good class to fake claim


You have to waste a night to even protect anyone so they shouldn’t have to not use their night ability to gain a immunity anyway


I need a way to keep it unique tho


why though there’s no reason for it to be