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SFoL Infection Class Cards




I need more non-NK neutrals, any idea?


@Alice any ideas?


@Alice any ideas for a converted Librarian?


I like how we ping them for this stuff tbh


@Firekitten @Alice @Livicus @Solic @eevee

The thread is updated. Final thoughts?


The Archivist :shield:

Unseen Social
Prestige (Passive) - Only one class with Prestige can spawn the entire game.
Concealed Access (Passive) - Allows all Unseen members to read the logs on the public log network. Can also use both day abilities during the same day.
Prince’s Notes (Day) - Allows the Archivist to gain a log on the Prince’s conversation with his prisoner this coming night. - 3 uses
Archive (Day) - Invites a player to the log network. The player must accept before joining and can choose to leave at anytime. Can only invite two players per day. - Infinite uses
Revoke (Night) - Removes a player from the log network. - Infinite uses
Censorship (Night) - Deletes a target’s logs if they die the same night. - 2 uses

Defeat the Blue Dragon and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

Here’s the Librarian’s Unseen convert.


Oh I like that passive, but how would it work?

If you suddenly added 3 people to the logs network people are gonna be suspicious

Maybe make it so all copies of the logs in the network are put in Infected chat


That’s what I had in mind.


not bad

but there are tons of NKs


There’s only 1 per game



It’s 6am

Get some :zzz: s


Gotta go to school


It’s 6am for you guys?

It’s 3pm here


830am for me, 630am for Luxz




You like?


@Livicus can you pitch this when you’re ready?


I probably can’t

is there someone else who could pitch it for you


Why can’t you just do it on the forum?