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SFoL Infection Class Cards




Kinda is by stealing a class


Omg firekitten, amne becomes another class, ability thieves steal abilities


Amne steals the dead guy abilties


Survive to see Town lose? It’s kinda anti town


No, amne changes faction and class.

Ability thief changes neither of those


Amne steals faction and abilties



You are annoying :angry:


Survive to see Town lose seems more like an appropriate win con due to how anti town it is


Ok. It’ll be the third anti-town neut.

I was thinking of a more pro-town ‘sanctuary’ neut where everyone who visits you gets healed etc.



pro neutrals? What sorcery is this? Obviously Town will mislynch you anyway!


Doesn’t seem like a bad idea, except it’s almost always better to visit someone else other then the neutral.


Hmm we’ll see, this game is all about Infection :wink:


Wait that’s genius.



The Cleric

Neutral Support
Sanctuary (Passive) - Any one visiting you will be healed.
Vulnerable (Passive) - Any attacks against you are guaranteed to succeed.
Strengthen (Day) - Any one visiting you tonight will also receive immunity to death tonight. [3 Uses]
Rejuvenate (Night) - Any visitors tonight will also be guaranteed to visit their target tomorrow night as well as being healed. [3 Uses]
Sacrifice (Night) - All visitors tonight will have visits to them prevented tonight. If any of them are visited by an attacker, the attacker will be redirected to you, bypassing immunity. [1 Use]
Goal: See the defeat of the Infected at any cost.


Give it a PGO for the lulz


Wait no, literally NO Its not neutral now it’s kingdom.


Well suggest an alternative.

It could just be kingdom but then I’d have to make a converted version.


Make it anti infected. Not anti NK