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SFoL Infection Class Cards


You die






@Livicus i need to you finish ToG flavour asap, we 2 away in ththe queue


oh shoot



You want him to be an amnesiac?


Better then survivor


I can change it to be like psycho’s kill a player and become their class and win as your new class


except that’s highly unfun for the player they kill plus amnesiac is suppose to help the losing side, you replaced them meaning you add nothing for the game balance.


Not really, amne-like classes will almost always pick a side that’s winning unless it’s a stomp where they are forced to pick the losing side.


Except if you force its hand, give it death immunity until someone dies


As well, give it death immunity for when it turns


I was gonna add a seperate amnesiac tbh


Why though :thinking:


Cause eevee said too


why would you need an Amne if you turn that into Amne


Cause i dont see how it will work as an amne


looks at the abilties


Its an ability theif


isn’t Amne basically that