SFoL Golden Dragon III — Return of the Queen Discussion and Balance Thread

Does anyone have any thought about how the setup could or should be improved from golden dragon 2?

Also it would be great to get a co-host

thank you!

You’re definitely going to need to rework trial stuff because trials don’t exist

og setup bad


it’s even more feast or famine than normal fol

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I have no clue what that means

Three suggestions from someone who played GD2.

A) Rework the egg mechanic such as making it a delayed convert/kill as opposed to making hatching required as it causes the Reptilian to need too much time to actually convert or kill people.

B) Give the Matriarch a form of reliable fake-claiming. They face the same issues as the MM pre-rework where they could be PoE’d by mechanics alone.

C) Avoid using Neirik’s neuts. He uses too many survivors, the Occultist would not work without trials and is a Jester, and the Accused trio does not work on this site because of the meta.

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do you have any suggestions for replacement neuts?

if scum starts winning, they win hard
if scum starts losing, they lose hard

Use FoL officials.

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im going to miss the lawyer and prosecutor tho

Geyde, Vulgard, and I went about a 3p like this in the contest which is why we decided to reject my Maiden/Crone setup.

The issue is that this really doesn’t work on this site as a lot of people have no idea how to explain or argue reads or case people, so instead of having a rational discussion over the accused’s alignment with both the Prosecutor and the Lawyer making cases on why they’re a wolf or not they’re just going to be spamming the thread with “ACCUSED SCUM! ACCUSED TOWN! ACCUSED SCUM! ACCUSED TOWN! ACCUSED SCUM! ACCUSED TOWN! ACCUSED SCUM! ACCUSED TOWN! ACCUSED SCUM! ACCUSED TOWN! ACCUSED SCUM! ACCUSED TOWN! ACCUSED SCUM! ACCUSED TOWN!”


trust me
that dynamic does not work

Wouldn’t work on other sites as well.

It would technically work better if people here knew how to make cases or argue rationally, but when a fair amount of people here have an attitude of “I don’t do reads, just mechanics” or how they rely too much on gut reads this will never really work.

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It would at least be less of a clusterfuck than here.

Yeah, but no one sane would approve those neutrals in a game because of how it probably plays out most of the time

shots fired on whoever reviewed Golden Dragon II

reviewers didn’t exist back then

I think?

Technically back then anything would get approved. We even had bastard all-Jester games running then.