SFoL 60 - Signups (18/18) - FULL

Thanks, Jane <3

time to waste my time


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Why am I not in signups :frowning:

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Chloe, I recall you saying that we can make a private spectator chat so long as the hosts are added, correct?

Can we peer pressure Anstreim into joining


We just need Wazza to join

Absolutely. But it will be uninformed.

No problem, Chleb <3


im trying not to edit the OP a ton so people can actually read it but people are so fast aaaa

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Anstreim you should join

All the other cool nerds are doing it



Also thanks, I’ll make sure to not forget to make it, then.

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OP is being made into a Wiki so that the other host can edit it. (Yes I know this is counter-intuitive and they should have created the thread but i just wanna show off my pretty OP once aaa)

Please do not edit the OP unless given permission.

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i want to rand wolf
wolf wolf wolf
gotta practice aaa


You attempt to practice

Then bleed yourself because of a dark rune mercenary


inb4 i rand GK

i’ve never randed king

F for starting king and prince

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looks at my second ever FM where I randed Corrupted King

Ayaya intensifies

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