SFoL 59 - Old Ruins FoL 2 - Canned For Now?

Any, means any.

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are uniques still unique in this case?

like 2 pronces

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Uniques are still Unique, that doesn’t change.

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This is blasphemy. Any should mean any!

Can you tell us the intended power level of the TimeKeeper

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1/10 - Random Neutral King - 10%
1/8 - Cowardly King 8%
1/20 - Arete being Cowardly King 5%

  1. 10%
  2. 0.8%
  3. 0.04%

The chances of Arete rolling Cowardly King are 0.04%, as for everyone else also. But rolling the exact Cowardly King Arete got is different.

1/12 - 8.33%

  1. 0.0003%. 3/10000

You have a higher chance of getting a shiny Pokemon twice than rolling the Cowardly King Arete got this game.

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It varies.


this means that spawning as a Sheriff or Paladin technically doesn’t confirm what faction you’re facing

Well now I need to make sure to roll the Any straight away.

Could 2 kings roll in this case?

If a pally comes from any in an unseen game are they effectively useless

I’m not gonna allow 2 kings to roll, that’s just stupid

Plus, Kings aren’t people anyway so.

But doesn’t Any mean Any, or does any mean whatever Wazza wants?

Any does mean Any.

It just doesn’t mean stupid.

If the game is a Cult game, there is a higher chance it will be an Unseen and Cult game than it would if it was a starting Unseen game.


So you’ll allow 3 NKs but not 2 kings?


That’s just a little fun fact.