SFoL:59 Anarchy [10\15] -A Dumpster Fire By Any Definition-Blue Dragon and Unpersoned Victory

whats that mean

If we break global rules Xblade probably will have my head
More likely priestess


Lotsa games at once

i mean
this forum has a pretty lax definition for NSFW

so long as there’s no nudity or extreme gore, it should be fine

dat and I got approval to use art for classcards of two female characters for our setup that more or less are just them in bikinis

warning: pictures of behavior that is not safe for work (NSFW)




oh no, I prob shouldnt do this then, but I wanna. Moral dilemmas

No nsfw


if someone flags my post but it’s obviously a joke am I allowed to handle it or is that a conflict of interest


You posted nsfw
I am morally required to flag


aren’t you a minor

why are you looking at my NSFW-tagged pictures when you’re a minor

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I don’t work
Ergo I’m safe

I just realized something
The king is guaranteed to spawn
The king is the government
A government means no anarchy

op does not lie

inb4 king is irreplacable and is forced to commit suicide N1


can I screenshot my role PM and post it in the thread

if you wanna

Can I quote my role pm without getting modkilled

Or rather, is there anything that doesn’t break the site rules that can get me modkilled

neither of us are bound to the rules :slight_smile:

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