SFoL 58 β€” Dead Chat

Hello there
We have decided to keep dead chat uninformed, at least for now.

There is no dead interaction.

I may sprinkle in a bit of info but nothing too excessive

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Can you tell me if wazza/dart/Sulit is the team?

If I’m right on that tell me plz

Are you asking if those 3 contain the N1 convert + both starting scum, or both starting scum + NK

cause the answer is no either way

I was asking if n1 conv + starting gscum

But aight

you were actually a lost wolf desperado dayvig extraordinaire but got the wrong classcard and died for it


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ignore this


i think you meant to call marshal a nerd, right

If neither of y’all are online can I do VCs for y’all?

nope, at least not yet, apologies

That’s fine

if you’re on at like

5am EST

we might need VC at that point


lol i’ll def be asleep

feel free then if ur up marshal

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I’m 99% sure ami is or was marshal

But does this TMI Sulit town

everybodys claiming to be @Marshal but hes dead

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you’re both nerds

Y no gaurdo >:(


even if he did you would have died