SFOL 53 - Dead Chat

Reminder that a Priest exists, so yeah.

Priest I was linked last night meaning Marshal is scum he claimed mystic

I’m lonely

Well you aren’t lonely anymore

Were you actually priest

Yes. I was Priest

How the hell is Blitzer here?

You are probably lying but idk

No, I’m not lying. I swear to god I was Priest.

Also I never claimed or softed, i was linked to shuri and my logs were correct

I see. I wonder how you died.

So yes I was strongmanned thru jail and my own heal

Also arete played so scummily so i can only hope that was her aim in order to not draw nightkills


I have zero clue why Arete gave scum a reason to vote me.
Why didn’t they ask people opinions first?

@Blizer How are you here?
Are you scum priest?

Blizer revive me if you are scum priest


I’m confused

@Alice, is this an error?

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