SFoL 51 - Cult Chat

BlueStorm is…

The Cult Leader :crossed_swords: :shield:

Cult Special
Train (Passive) - At any point before the start of the first night, you may message the GM and choose the Cult alts that the Cult class that spawned with you will receive, based on a non-unique class they can be converted from. If you do not choose the Cult alts, they will receive a random valid set.
Fanaticism (Passive) - You are immune to death at night until you successfully convert a player, where upon this passive is disabled. (Starting Cult Leader only)
Disguise (Day) - If the target player dies tonight, they will appear as a class of your choice. - 3 uses
Rupture (Day) - Cause a player to bleed. They will bleed and die in two nights if not healed. - 3 uses (shared)
Brainwash (Night) - Change target player into the Cult version of their class. If you have failed to convert a target twice already and your next conversion would fail it will instead target a random convertible player. - Infinite uses, 1 night cooldown
Blood of Mithras (Night) - Kill a Cult player and a non-Cult player. The first two uses of this will not kill the cult player. - Infinite uses
Your objective is to defeat the Hand of Byzantium and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

WazzaAzza can choose Cult alts from the Auditor, the Governor, the Marchioness, the Fortuneteller, or the Watchman.


I’m probably going to mess this up pretty badly, to be honest. I’ve never been scum in an FoL match before.

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Ahuh- One moment, I’m gonna look at the cult alts.


The Arbiter - 1
Random Hand of Byzantium - 2
Random Hand of Byzantium - 3
Random Hand of Byzantium - 4
Random Hand of Byzantium - 5
Random Hand of Byzantium - 6
Random Hand of Byzantium - 7
Random Hand of Byzantium - 8
Random Hand of Byzantium - 9
Random Hand of Byzantium - 10
Random Hand of Byzantium - 11

I could be totally wrong about how Cult points work, but are you allowed to take two night abilities? Seeker already has a night ability.

I don’t know, cult points are confusing.

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Yes you are as they are a combo ability.

You can’t have one without the other.

Do I technically have to put in the command to give Wazza their requested alts, or can I just say ‘those alts are fine’?

I choose them apparently.

Wait, nvm. FT!Seeker is kind of busted as you can’t take both abilities to make Tarot Card work. You can still take the 2-point ability, though.


Maxwell has invited you to his log network. Do you accept this invitation?

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Well, I think I might know who I want to convert N1.


Maxwell has invited you to his log netowrk. Do you accept this invitation?

So just to confirm, if I accept this invitation, Maxwell will see specifically the logs I message you you requesting that they be included in my logbook?

Also @WazzaAzza we should figure out what Cult alts you want, given Alice’s clarification.

Correct. All players in the network will be able to see each others’ logs.

Sure, I’ll join the network. I was sort of planning on converting him N1 anyway (although now that he’s townreading both Cultists, I’m less sure that that’s optimal.)

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How many hours until EoD?

1 hour and 45 minutes.