SFoL 48 - Unseen Chat

Any clue? I don’t think its Geyde. Math?

I’d need time to read which I don’t have atm aahhh… I legit didn’t catch up.

We’ll see if it’s Geyde, because I foresighted them.

I’m getting those vibes from Priestess tbh, which sucks because she’s townreading me I think.

What makes you think it’s Math?

Thaum is a good fakeclaim.

Only 1 tracker/watcher exists I think? From seeing the HoB investigatives, so very low chance. Also you’re townread, so they are not going to check you anyways.

So you don’t need to tailor your logs towards that.

Killer type is probably good to have though.

Actuary can screw you over if you claim Thaum, but yeah finding a good fakeclaim is horrible with so many new classes. :smile:

I think the only way I’d be in trouble is if I was tracked or checked. Ill just try to continue and see how it goes.

Why Math? Just a hunch. His aggressive play coupled with his lull afterwards suggests he’s looking for a target but not wanting to be targetted N1.

Geyde’s converted class equivalent is the Forest Witch.


Please tell us how this interacts with temporary conversion immunity. For instance if the whateverprincevariant I forgot name bonds with them.

But precisely because you are townread, you are less likely to get checked. It’s good to have a log ready, but speaking truthfully as if a watchman is on us at all times is going to limit our night actions by a whole lot.

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You have any read on Arbiter? Also: Should I go with my initial gut feel or SPK? I could also gun for Priestess; I’m pretty sure she’s not a neut, but like you said she townread you.

Looking into ISOs, Marcus softed invest in a reaction test. Elaborate bait or prime kill/convert target?

If they are entrusted by the Arbiter, then it will show as non-covertable when you use foresight on them.

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/Convert Geyde

I just got home from work. I can take a look soon.

She’s clearly not a neutral.

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I don’t see Marcus softing invest anywhere and I don’t view him as a priority kill.

IMO if Geyde is the convert, Marcus is the kill and Priestess is the Foresight tomorrow.

I disagree. I think Hja/Mathblade/Priestess should be the kill. Marcus is set on Htm as far as I can see.

His timezone is also australian, so he will never be present when it matters usually. Asynchronized information benefits us.

Killing Hja is just going to put suspicion on me I think, so he’d be a good foresight/bleed.