SFoL 48 - Unseen Chat

Marcus_Doodalee is…

The Mastermind

Unseen Special
Can’t Touch This (Passive) - Immune to death at night, occupation and target changing. Players who attempt to occupy you or change your target will believe it succeeded. Additionally, you will know who you would’ve been redirected to if a player attempts to change your target.
Lurking Presence (Passive) - If you die, then the starting Assassin will take your place. You appear as Hand of Byzantium to faction checks.
Shadowy Presence (Day) - Selects what class type you will be shown as to investigators and whether you have Royal Blood or not. Can be used alongside Foresight. - Infinite uses
Foresight (Day) - Determine a player’s converted class by the end of the day if they can be converted. - 4 uses
Convert (Night) - Change target player into the Unseen version of their class. If you have failed to convert a target twice already and your next conversion would fail it will instead target a random convertible player. - Infinite uses, 1 night cooldown
Dirty Work (Night) - If there are no more Unseen members left, you can become The Assassin and you will use Assassinate on your target. - 1 use
Defeat the Hand of Byzantium and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

/confirm role

Also Solic: Do you think if the time comes a Crusader claim will be a good claim for me or are they just treated as a knight?

No, they are treated as a use deus vult or you’re scum. So, I don’t think that’s a good claim at all when we have this flawed promotion mechanic. :roll_eyes:

I’ll need to take a look at the roles, before I can say what would be good probably.

Prevention claims can always buy me time.

Bleh of course this started exactly when I had things, so the Arbiter could never bond to me.

I will make an appearance in thread after some hours.

The Actuary is like the worst class for finding whatever you need to fakeclaim. :roll_eyes:

Think I might just go for Squire.

Remember they don’t know if it’s cult/unseen. You can attempt to townslip by asking something that infers you don’t know either, but don’t do it if you can’t make it fluent.

Your opening was great btw.

Just read the first 30 posts or so. I’ll have to check in later, sorry. :confused:

Thanks! I’m still fresh in the scene so I’m not familiar with how a great opening should be but I figured I’d just open how I normally do.

Take your time. I don’t think its the worst idea to lurk a bit. What I can do is since I’m fairly sure I am townread, ill gauge the direction of suspicion and make sure we aren’t locked into as Scum team.

I won’t use any indicators like that nor will I claim an indicator class so we can stay hidden for as long as we can. You take Squire, ill look into the classes and make sure I have the least possibility of being found and get back to you on it.

There is a tendency to claim late as scum in all recent FoL, so I’m trying to avoid that and having a claim in my mind already. It’s good to be prepared as well. If something like a Watchman were to out or a very confirmable dead Hand of Byzantium drops, I’ll probably change it though. It’s easy to back out from a Squire claim, since it’s night immune and thus it makes sense to fakeclaim even as a Hand of Byzantium.

Feel free to distance from me and read me as scum. You traditionally don’t have too much pull yet, but it’s important that if either of us drops that the other can continue as the main converter from our faction.

The Thaumaturge seems like a viable claim, and I can throw BD off with potential fake convert attempt if pressured. Good?

Don’t be afraid to interact with me btw.

Oh I know, just waiting for a good opportunity :stuck_out_tongue:

/Shadowy Presence Support, no royal

/Foresight Geyde just in case I don’t make EoD to change it again.

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You’re a natural Possessed! Happy that you’re on my team.

Likewise! That read post was super informative.

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Uhhh, they expect it of me haha. They expect lots more too. I townread too many people as scum, which is my main problem.

If Alice gives me my foresight feedback, we can coordinate nightplans.

Sweet. Now in my head, I’m thinking going after the most confirmed townie in my reads isn’t ideal if I’m claiming thaum so I can justify WHY I claim to stop them from being converted N1. Maybe I kill 3rd most townie in my book?

We need to read for the Arbiter and kill them.