SFoL 46 - The Agency - [Canned]

So it can only vote on hammers?


I wanna join, but I think I have too many games going on. Can you have 3 games at a time?

I dunno.

Basically it has to vote off the top wagon or it commits suicide

I’m not evaluating off my hate for survivors because that can ruin people’s fun

So theres no rule saying you can’t, but dont spread urself to thin and make it so you cant contribute much to each game. But if you have the time and are willing to face the struggle of three games you can do it.


I’ll try it, but the basis of the executions is that you elect two electors to execute people?

I’m the host here. And no that’s not how it works.

You elect an elector who chooses 2 people to be executed.

Ohhh okay.

Is that good? Am I free now?

So if you want in you know what to do.

Basically if your vote holds Any meaning it kills you


I’ll be watching :wink:

Alright, I’ll give it a shot. /in I think I can handle three games at once.

It means it has to oppose consensus the entire time, probably

Wow thank you shield bearer.

You just ask, I’d wholeheartedly let you be a reviewer.