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SFoL 45: Return of the Blue Dragon III - Day 2 - An Interesting Awakening


I know but if it’s servant then it will show as K/O so there is difference


yes but that’s not what we’re trying to convey
we’re trying to convey that it doesn’t have to appear as a specific class, just a class type



A. make illusionist non unique
B. give it something extra

The Illusionist :shield:

Unseen Social
Telepathy (Day) - Send a 1000 character message to target player. You may not target the King with this - 3 uses.
Link Destinies (Night) - Two target players will benefit from the same positive and negative effects other than killing and conversion tonight, like healing or occupation. - Infinite uses.
Defeat the Blue Dragon and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

the card feels sorta basic other than Link Destinies


Remove it


It’s bad anyway




Well actually. I should probably keep it unique.

It’d be too chaotic having 2-3 of them running amok


Why is kidnapper not convert immune ?



My Kidnapper lore would be that it was a Prince that was forced upon the path of the Unseen.
Due to this, he would always be willing to come back to the Blue Dragon.


But. Blue Dragon have a limited resource that is important.

And that is Killers of course.


C) leave it alone


Also it was proved always replaceable converter with occ immunity is too op


you dont really have time for a full rework you’re just rerolling the game


Damn it, I was close to winning - at least I reap what I sow.


An Aristocrat would cause me trouble, lucky me.


New changes.


  • Undercover Rebel (Passive) - You will appear to be a member of the Unseen to investigators for the first three nights. Additionally if you die at any time, the youngest non killing Blue Dragon member will become the new Negotiator. If there is no non Killing Blue Dragons, it will instead be the Youngest Blue Dragon Killer.


  • Cannot use Execute until Night 2. This is not specified on Prince because it’s impossible to have a Prince before Night 2


  • Renamed Evils’ Tar Potion to Concrete Potion
  • Specified uses for said Concrete Potion as 3 uses


  • Will now specify Blue Dragon’s factioncap. Which is 4.


BD is too op nerf pls


Game shall reroll now


Anyway. I’ll probably just update your existing classcard DMs so I’m not flooded with new topics.


The BD and deadchat will be a new topic however.